Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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Sandy has always wanted a windmill to watch from the porch. Not one of the little decorative ones, but a "real" one. It didn't have to do anything, just sit out there and spin.

Last winter, our youngest daughter started the ball rolling. She called my cousin in Limon about getting a windmill, and then contacted her siblings, my brothers and sisters, and everybody else she could think of, asking for donations for Sandy's birthday.Sandy's birthday is in April, so they couldn't get the windmill here because of snow on the drylands, but the kids gave her a little replica and promised the real thing was on the way once the weather got better.

In July, we had a huge party for our "200th Birthday". Mom turned 80, and Sandy and I both turned 60. Everybody came, my sisters from New York and St Louis, my brothers from Denver and Albuquerque, my sister from Pueblo, most of Sandy's sisters (she has five), and lots more family and friends. Somewhere around 100 people showed up, and it was the party of the decade. Cousin Terry brought the windmill, and in the 100 plus heat in the afternoon, a bunch of us installed it just north of the house, down by the well.

The windmill is a Fairbanks-Morse, and surprisingly enough, is still operational, although it's obsolete, and parts are no longer available. But that's OK, all it has to do is spin to make Sandy happy.

A special thanks to Bud and Terry and Don, who braved the razor sharp blades to get the thing operational.

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  1. THAT is one hellva birthday present :-) And your writing style is engaging too!